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Chrome experiments with taking URLs out of the multifunction field


One of the aspects by which we can identify Chrome and any other Chromium-based web browser is by the fusion of the address bar with the entry bar of the search terms, resulting in what we know as Omnibox or multifunction box, which offers users a more practical and simplified interface. Still, the Chrome team continues to test to improve the browsing experience, and one of their latest experiments is to bring the URL next to the icon that allows us to have more information about the site we are visiting outside the multifunction box itself, right where We usually have the icons of some of the extensions that we have installed.

This experiment has been carried out with the update of Chrome OS Dev, as published by Franois Beaufort on his Google+ profile, and echoing the publication Chromestory. In this way, and as we can see in the screenshot, taking the URL out of the multifunction box, only show the icon and the main URL, leaving the multifunction box free for the introduction of new URLs or new search terms. What we can no longer know is if this experiment has remained in just that, an experiment, or if it will translate into future improvements in navigation in the next versions of Chrome.

In any case, it is interesting to know that these tests are carried out so as not to get stuck in the classic methods, and there are possibilities for improvements in navigation, and therefore these types of tests are more than interesting so that in the future we can have better navigation experiences. .

According to Beaufort, he has been playing with this experiment activating the chrome: // flags / # origin-chip function, and if the experiment is successful, perhaps later on we can play the rest of the users.