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Chrome 57 improves your power consumption, download it now

Chrome 57 improves your power consumption, download it now

Chrome 57 improves your power consumption, download it now

You can now download Chrome 57, The latest version of Google’s web browser that brings, among other improvements, a great reduction in energy consumption.

Which browser consumes less? The million dollar question that has been talked about so many times. Today’s browsers are very complete programs capable of offering us many functions beyond simple web browsing.

It is no secret that Chrome consumes a lot of resources and therefore also requires a greater amount of energy to operate than portable devices translates into a greater battery consumption. We already saw a few months ago the accusation of Microsoft in order to throw flowers at your Edge browser, of course.

Chrome 57, safer and less greedy

Googlesabes that Chrome is not as optimized as it should be in terms of power consumption, so update after update the browser receives improvements. The latest comes with Chrome 57, which is already available for Windows, Mac and Linux, highlighting consume 25% less energy.

How? Optimizing the consumption of tabs in the backgroundThat is, all those websites that we usually have open and that are not the one that is active at that time. According to Google, these tabs represent a third of all browser consumption.

With Chrome 57 they have implemented a system that limits the CPU consumption of the tabs in the background to 1%, achieving that in the long term the most inactive tabs have a minimal impact on energy consumption. That is, Googlease ensures that this does not affect tabs with services such as music players (imagine for example Spotify Web or Google Play Music), nor messenger services that require continuous connection.

Now available for Windows, Mac and Linux

These changes come to Windows, Mac and Linux, and Apple laptop users are sure to be happy about the upgrade, since Chrome’s power consumption on MacBooks is far superior to the Safari browser.

In addition, Chrome 57 comes with WebAssembly API, a better support of the websites with responsive design and many security holes that have been solved.