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Chrome 32 Beta, with notification icons in the tabs, among other news

Chrome tabs

The same thing has happened to us on more than one occasion when we listen to some strange sound that we do not know its origin while we are browsing the Internet, so we dedicate ourselves to looking tab by tab to see which of them has any element that offers that sound, which takes time away from other tasks. Well, from now on we have it easier with the new beta that Chrome has just launched, precisely beta 32, where one of its characteristics is the icon that will appear on each tab to warn us that it is the one that offers The sound we are looking for is either using our webcam or being displayed on our own television.

But it is not the only novelty that this beta brings us, since also, for Windows 8 in Metro mode, use a different look to adapt to the environment. In addition, they announce in their announcement that they have done their best to manage multiple Chrome windows, and quickly reach Chrome’s favorite applications with an integrated application launcher system.

Last but not least, there is the issue of security. In this sense, during our browsing, we will receive a warning before visiting potentially dangerous websites or that we are going to download malicious files. Automatically Chrome Beta block the download, although we can do the same if we tell it to ignore it.

Chrome 32 beta is available for Windows, Linux and Mac, which means that it can already be used by those who want it, and that as it reaches its final version, we can enjoy the news for other users.