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Chrome 31 comes to iOS


A week ago the great news came: we have the stable version of Chrome, Chrome 31, for Windows, Mac and Linux, with security problems fixed so that users can fill out forms, payment methods, addresses, etc. without having to worry about the security of your efforts.

A few days after the release of the new version of the operating system we see how Chrome 31 also comes to iOS. We will see in this version mainly the usual browser, one of the added changes being the possibility of filling in the web forms automatically, establishing a synchronization between the computer and the iOS device.

This new feature, which was born with the main objective of saving time in case we are used to browsing the tablet, implies that we have to be registered in Chrome so that the data can be synchronized with those saved in our account. Obviously the management is worth it, and the result will be saving yourself from having to write the same data over and over again.

For the rest, we will see integrated the typical characteristics of Chrome, such as auto-completed results for a faster search, the possibility of opening multiple tabs, being able to synchronize the bookmarks and open tabs thanks to the information stored in our Chrome account and send pages from the PC to the iOS device to read them on the go, even offline.

You can download the expected Chrome for iOS at this link, and install it on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.