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Among the social networks we have some that allow us to register various things, such as the physical places that we visit with Foursquare, the beers that we drink with Untappd, or the series and television programs that we are watching, such as Gomiso. Bruno Barbieri introduces us to, which unlike many social networks, it has no relationship with mobile devices since the operation focuses on our own web browser, having extensions for both Google Chrome and Mozilla. Firefox.

The idea is to register those websites that we have accessed, indicating one of the activities that appear in the floating window. In this way, we will be registering these websites almost as a social marker, with the difference that we will be earning virtual points and badges, in addition to leaving a trace of the visited sites on our profile page.

To become part of, we only have to install the extension and identify ourselves with our Twitter or Facebook account, whose contacts will know through our timeline the websites we have visited. Obviously, we will find some problems when being in beta phase, with which there will be things to improve, for example, the date that indicates the moment in which we have made a check-in, or improve the identification system.