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Chirp comes to the Android platform to share content by making sounds

Chirp comes to the Android platform to share content by making sounds

It was practically a couple of days ago that Chirp came to the Android platform, a curious application that allows users to share their photos, links, notes, and other elements that they have, to the rest of the users who are around, and also have the same application installed and running. To do this, users who share their content will emit a series of sounds as digital bird songs from their own terminals, which will be heard by the terminals of other users who are nearby.

In this way, Chirp is already available for both the iOS and Android platforms, so that users of both platforms will be able to share their content with their friends and other people around them.

Regarding the Android version, we can see in its tab that it runs on Android terminals that have, we assume that at least, with a 1 GHz dual-core processor, in addition to having version 2.3.3 or higher. In the file itself we can also realize that at present it has not had many facilities.

It is a curious way of sharing content between mobile devices by singing broadcast. By the way, as TNW tells us, Chirp has teamed up with Topshop at London Fashion Week, where some exclusive images will be shown showing the bird songs through the speakers hanging in the trees of Regents Park for the VIP guests at the Topshop show. At least, a curious way of offering content at an event.