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Children Tracker, now available and out of beta phase

children tracker

We told you about the appearance of Children Tracker on Google Play as early as March, and although at that time it was still in beta, we were allowed to keep an eye on it for a limited period with a trial account.

The application, mainly, allows parents to have some control over their children through Android terminals by installing Children Tracker on the devices of young people, with the option of hiding the icon so that they do not realize it and we can control the location of young people viewing it on a map remotely. Not only will it offer us this location control, but it will also be able to keep track of calls, messages and browsing history, as well as knowing which Wi-Fi points the smartphone connects to.

Children Tracker is out of beta phase and offers us the same features seen above, including sending a daily email with registered activities. Safet, developer of the app, also tells us that the application will include more features in the future, such as optimizing battery consumption so that it does not affect the normal use of the phone. Children Tracker, then, is a good option for those parents who want to keep a reliable but anonymous control of what their children do while they are not at home. You can download it on this link to Google Play.