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Cheap Gas Stations, for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


This famous application, which already has 200.00 downloads on Android and Windows Phone, now launches its iOS version, for iPhone and iPad, ready to find the cheapest gas station in the area in which we are located.

It is possible to browse from a map all the gas stations in Spain, focus on the ones we have around us, check which is the closest if we are in an emergency or the reserve runs out … all with our clearly marked position to locate ourselves and with each Differentiated station with two colors that allow you to quickly distinguish where the cheapest gas station is (or several if they share the same price).

In the details of each gas station, their position is shown again on a more localized map and the price of the selected fuel updated. We can obtain instructions to get there, mark it as a favorite for future quick accesses, know how much we save compared to the others nearby and know what percentage of gas stations are more expensive in the whole of Spain.

All prices are official from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spain. Gas stations are obliged to submit their prices every day and this is why the prices are the most reliable and are updated in real time.

Cheap gas stations (gas also includes a tips section for more efficient and respectful driving with your pocket. It is possible to discover how to save even more with certain habits when we are behind the wheel.

The application for iPhone and iPad complies with Apple’s flat design guidelines, being completely free.