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Changefolio, automates micro-donations to charities


We still do not have enough time to participate in charitable events or we forget to make periodic donations to our favorite charities, among other reasons, although from time to time a new one comes out so that we can contribute our bit. And taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet, we can now automate micro-donations in relation to the rules that we establish in different categories according to the banking operations that we carry out thanks to the appearance of Changefolio (

We only have to connect our bank accounts and establish rules to automatically make such micro-donations to the charities supported on the platform, which for the moment are few, precisely 12 that we can consult from this section, but as indicated in TNW, they will leave. adding new ones over time. In this way, when adding gasoline we can establish a percentage of the cost to favor the use of clean energy, for example.

So that we can have the clearest ideas, nothing better than going to your FAQ to find out their conditions. Among other things, we can read that we can establish weekly donation limits, that in case of reaching these limits, we will receive the appropriate notifications, being the limit of new users of 50 dollars weeks. We can also know that we can make payments by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Changefolio takes 10% of the cost of the donations made.

With all this, we can already make donations automatically and monitor them in an easy and controlled way, which we no longer have an excuse to contribute our grain of sand to the best of the world within our possibilities.