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CatAcademy, learning languages ​​with photos of cats


At we have an original project that they are starting to use in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to learn languages.

It is an iPhone application that teaches Spanish vocabulary and phrases (we will have more languages ​​in the future) using photos of cats for this, as you can see in the side image.

The project is more serious than it seems. They’ve been featuring it on TNW as a result of bringing the memorization technique of, which associates content with images and emotions, to the king content of the Internet: cats, the true owners of the web.

In fact, the creators of CatAcademy, and Cat Spanish, this their first project, are the same that created Memrise. Ed Cooke, its founder, is a great memory master, capable of memorizing a shuffled deck in one minute, or a number of 100 digits in one hour, something he has achieved by training for many years and putting his knowledge into practice with his projects and applications for web and mobile.

In Cat Spanish you do not learn the language deeply, but you have access to questions with multiple answers, vocabulary and exercises to write words correctly, activities to listen and understand, to know phrases for habitual conversations … entertaining and with a sense of humor. Ed Cooke commented that we learn to laugh before we speak, and that is something that has to be remembered when generating educational content.