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Casualjobs – Find a job and look for professionals [iPhone]

Casualjobs - Find a job and look for professionals [iPhone]

We are presented today with a new app for iPhone that has a double objective: to make you known to find a job and look for professionals to do a task, both at home and in the office.

Is about casualjobs, a directory of professionals for mobile phones that aims to be the meeting point between freelancers and people who want to hire them.

[…] It is not another app to search for work that integrates with job portals, nor is it a professional contacts guide, it is a network of contacts between professionals and clients.

Alex Rodrguez (@_alexrr), the person behind this app, shows it to us.

One good day I decided that I wanted to pay extra money at the end of the month with specific jobs. However, it is not easy to publicize your professional skills on a bulletin board where people can sign up for offers. And he thought: Wouldn’t it be better if the offers reached the interested party directly? And even better if I went to the mobile phone? Thus the prototype of casualJobs was born a couple of months later.

After a time of redesign and testing, it is now available on iTunes, and there is a free option with micropayments within the app.

[…] When a candidate receives a job application, the system charges a small charge of 1.59 through iTunes. It is a very low price considering that someone is interested in hiring you […] using the application to find candidates is completely free, there is simply an optional registration.

They comment that they are already working on an Android version to cover the needs of everyone. But the most expected is the PRO version. Be a vitamin alternative to casualJobs in which interesting features will be unlocked, such as global searches, an increase in profile visibility, integration into the device’s agenda, etc.