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Card Kiwi, another option to collaboratively create study cards


Although everyone has their method and technique to study, it seems that they are starting to get out of date taking up tons of papers and underlining them while we read. Many choose to study through alternative options, such as creating summary cards that include key concepts (flashcards) and, even better, the creation of flashcards online in group.

One of the options if we dare to try the collaborative study way is Card Kiwi, a free service to create study cards with your classmates and to study them in the most effective way possible. This is based on the study through the repeated visualization of said flashcards in different periods of time, or space repetition algorithm, being able to mark each one with a thumb up or down depending on whether we think we have learned it or not. Depending on what we mark, Card Kiwi will teach us some flashcards or others (ideally, teach more those that we know less about).

As I have briefly commented, the service is free and only requires the creation of a registered account in which to store, mark and view our flashcards and those of our colleagues or friends. We leave you with this promotional video from Card Kiwi that tells us about this study method as well as the importance of collaborative work, two characteristics that come to be what the service is based on: