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Canva, a fantastic resource for designers


When time plays on the other side of the board and we need to deliver a quick idea to a client, nothing better than a platform like, a tool that I opened in private mode a few months ago and that has already started to deliver invitations.

We have tested their design creation system and we can say that they have been successful. We have layouts of all kinds with the possibility of customizing them, more than a million images available to drag and position them correctly in the design, option to include texts with various types of fonts, ability to upload photos from our computer to include them in work, alter colors … everything without installing anything.

Although we are not talking about a tool as powerful as Corel or Photoshop, if it is ideal for making models, to create layouts quickly and test before starting a more specific work, although they allow you to export content in both image and PDF, ready to print it in the form of brochures, for example.

In the huge database of existing images, we found some free, although most cost $ 1, with the appropriate license for commercial use.

As an example we have made this small brochure with some screenshots from (click on the image below to enlarge). All sections appear with the button upload your image, in fact we have left the central circle without content, although we could have dragged any component, both from the system itself and from our computer. You can already reserve your username on its main page.