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Campus Party and the European Commission launch app contest with € 800,000 in prizes

campus party

For programmers, designers and restless people in general, a great opportunity to develop ideas to change the world. Campus Party and the FI-WARE project of the European Commission present a great contest for developers from all over the world. Since August of this year, Campus Party became part of the FI-WARE Consortium.

Through, the Campus Party geek knowledge network, this contest is held in two calls. The first challenge is focused on Smart Cities and the second on Smart Business, both with 200,000 in prizes.

The Smart Cities challenge is aimed at applications that involve a benefit in the management of cities and provision of innovative services for citizens. For its part, the Smart Business challenge seeks help SMEs to run their businesses more efficiently or offer more innovative services to its clients.

The first phase is already open, call for ideas, until next December 20, in which it is necessary to present ideas that can be developed with technology from the FI-WARE platform. At the end of this phase 20 ideas will be selected, for which there will be 112,000 in prizes. They will go to a second phase that will end in the next one Campus Party what to celebrate in Brazil from January 27 to February 2, 2014. There, the candidates will be advised so that they can improve their prototypes and present their projects to the public and the jury, made up of engineers from the FI-WARE Consortium.

Winners will be eligible for 290,000 prizes, divided into 145,000 for each challenge. 75 thousand euros for the first prize, 40 thousand for the second, 20 thousand for the third, five thousand for the young developer special mention and another five thousand for the special mention for the most innovative application.

The rest of the prizes, up to 800,000 total, will be distributed in the second call for challenges in February 2014. You can follow all the related activity on Twitter through the hashtag # FIWARE800K and through the Campus Partyen channels on all social networks.