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camerasim, online simulator to learn the secrets of photography


We mentioned it to you several years ago, but it has undergone so many alterations that it is worth commenting again.

It is, an application that offers simulators to understand concepts related to the world of photography.

We can, for example, use a virtual camera to alter its shutter speed, aperture and ISO and see the effect that these variables have on any of the images we choose, or play with the focus, or play with an SLR camera to try to photograph a girl on the move.

Of the three online simulators offered, it is important to pay attention to the one that allows us to understand the main variables of a photo machine step by step, obtaining completely different results as we alter each one: The SLR camera explained

The web version is completely free, with versions for mobile phones and tablets for less than 2 dollars and a version for desktop that reaches 10 dollars.

We can use it for both personal and professional use, being a good tool for teaching and teaching the world why mobile phones are still far from being a good device for taking photographs as God intended.

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