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Cabmix, to share a taxi from the airport to the center


We arrive in a city, we leave the airport and there is an endless row of taxis picking up passengers who, on many occasions, go to the same destination: downtown.

The idea of cabmix ( is to allow savings in those situations, offering a mobile application that helps us find someone who arrives at the same airport at the same time to share a taxi to the city center.

We will have to connect it to Facebook and start the search, being necessary to establish a time to meet at the airport taxi rank and divide the price established. It is even possible to pay with paypal to the other passenger, ideal for the case in which one of the two does not have cash.

Ayham Shakra, founder of Cabmix, who developed the application in Barcelona, ​​tells us that the application is already available for Android, with the iOS version being very close to being released.

These kinds of initiatives have been very popular in recent years. Generally we see them focused on sharing a car with strangers, something that is not very successful in countries where there are serious problems with citizen security or where having a car of one’s own is a symbol of social status, incompatible in many cases with consumption. collaborative in this category. Aiming for the taxi that goes from the airport to the center is a good idea, as well as allowing the meeting to take place within a social network, thus helping to identify the strangers that we will have next to us.