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Bypassing the App Store regional lock

Bypassing the App Store regional lock

Bypassing the App Store regional lock

Do you want to install an app that is only available in the USA? So you can skip the regional lock of the App Store to install any app.

Regional blocking is one of those barriers that services often have to put on the Internet, despite the fact that they know that users will find a way to get around them. Normally, using a VPN to connect through another region is the best way to access any service regardless of blocking.

However, there are some cases where the regional block is not applied depending on the location. And therefore, VPN is not a solution. This is the case of the App Store, where you will have to try another trick to be able to install any app.

Skip App Store regional lock: Apple ID issue

When applying regional lock in the App Store, Apple uses the source of the Apple ID that you are using. So to skip the block you just have to use a U.S. Apple ID (or whatever country).

First, in the settings app, go toiTunes Store and App Store and log out with your current ID. Then open the App Store, find any app available in your country and install it. They will ask you to log in with your Apple ID or do you create a new one.

Create a new one selecting as country the one that interests you to jump the block. You can use your own email address with a dot in the middle for the new account; for example, use instead of Although they are actually the same email address, Apple allows you to create different accounts in this way.

When entering your address, that is, you have to take into account certain details. Although you can put any street, you have to put a state of the United States with a city and a corresponding postal code. Any zip code between 90001 and 90607 works with Los Angeles, California.

Use your new Apple ID

Once you have verified your new Apple ID via email, you can use it to install apps from the region you have marked. That is, keep in mind that for paid apps, the payment method must be according to the chosen region. If you don’t have a credit card from that region, you will have to go to an online store that sells gift card codes from other regions.