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Bulb, to create, view and share articles on specific topics


As if from a Pinterest it was, Bulb offers the ability to view collections of content on specific topics.

The fundamental difference is that they are not links from other pages or copied content and are from pages created by users, with texts, photos and videos uploaded and classified on the platform within the collections created by the users themselves.

We can thus create an account, open a new collection with the title and description we want, and start creating content in the format we want, always with the aim of sharing our knowledge with other people.

Although what already exists is of good quality and the publication system is simple, on the one hand, it lacks the lack of a business model (it has no advertising, accounts are free, access is free, there is no donations section… ), and on the other, the lack of incentive for people to use their time to write on this platform (since we start distributing our own content, it seems like a better idea to do it on Wikipedia).

Still, the format is very attractive, and the idea is good, although it will have to evolve enough to occupy a space in this category.

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