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Build your own proxy with an extension for Chrome and Firefox

Build your own proxy with an extension for Chrome and Firefox

Build your own proxy with an extension for Chrome and Firefox

Proxies have shown be of enormous use to Internet users: they allow us to access content blocked by region, it allows us to escape the monitoring of our connection, and a long etcetera that many users appreciate every day.

However, setting up a proxy is not for everyone, and not everyone is willing to pay an amount a month for proxy or VPN services. uProxy wants to be at the intersection of these two cases, because it is a proxydesigned by the University of Washingtonthan we can use with a couple of clicks.

uProxy, the proxy to use the connection between friends

The strength of uProxy is that we can connect to a friend or family member who has it installed to use their connection. In this way, we can connect to the Internet as if we were at the friend’s computer -or at home-, instead of using ours or a network outside the home.

To achieve this we just have to install an extension for Chrome and Firefox in our browser. We may give authorized users access to send their traffic through us, and others may give us access. That access can be revoked at any time, and someone who expects our connection will only see that you have a secure connection with your friend.

Friends who connect to the Internet through you will only see that, their connection to the Internet: your files and the devices on your wireless network will continue to be private. And, when you connect to someone, they can only see that you are connected. Unless your friend traps you and waits for his own connection to search for your packages, so trust in your friend is not too much.

On the other hand, and for those who want an always available proxy, uProxy can also be installed on dedicated servers. DigitalOcean has a simple uProxy integration that starts on $ 10 a month servers, and we can use a Docker container to manually install uProxy on any server. Access is still through the browser extension, and has the advantage of always being active and under your absolute control.

Connections between users to avoid the blocks

Regarding why uProxy can beat a VPN, the key is that VPNs are easily detected and blocked: uProxy is still a private connection to an individual, so we can avoid these blocks. It can be used to watch Netflix from another country, or in a country where the use of VPNs is blocked.

uProxy is free, and installing it is as simple as going to the website of the service and following the steps. First of all, it should be noted that uProxy is still in Beta, so that we can find failures and the developers appreciate any opinion that we can give them.