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Buffer launches Buffer for Business, for managing Social Networks in groups and advanced statistics


Buffer, as you know, is a service to share information on different channels momentarily or on a scheduled basis, and here at Wwwhatsnew we have told you many times about it given its new built-in functions, such as the possibility of publishing and programming texts on pages Google Plus, the possibility to schedule the publication at a specific date and time or also an option to publish RTs in the future.

Added to all these options for optimal management of the information published on the networks, Buffer now presents his Buffer for Business, a powerful new tool for social media. With the same intuitive interface that we are used to seeing in Buffer, but with interesting services for information management and presence on social networks.

With Buffer for Business We will have access to detailed analytics on each social network, comparative graphs, tool for team collaboration with administrator rights to approve or deny the job, possibility to add and remove members at any time, option to export data and add them to the results of the Analytics in one click, display of all the information programmed in social networks and the possibility of modifying it if we are administrators, and much more.

Comparing variables with Buffer for Business
Inviting other users to manage our social networks

Allowing multiple users to manage the same Social Media accounts makes Buffer a great competitor to Hootsuite, much more than just a content publisher.

The reason that Buffer has added this service is due to the integration of products such as Feedly or Echofon and how Buffer has decided to target the product towards what the particular customer needs. At the same time, it has also taken a more business-oriented path, as Buffer for Business continues to be a tool for companies aimed at increasing productivity – a path that has continued forward thanks to the good reception of a previous version of the product already in July.

This means that today Buffer for Business is already public, and from today we can all enjoy its advantages, with prices proportional to the number of connected accounts.