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BrainCert, easy way to create content for e-learning


We always talk about all the options that we have in the world of e-learning, but it is difficult to know what to look at and where to access it so that you can create your own content online and teach it. In this case, BrainCert makes it easy to create courses by signing up as instructors and designing our own lessons and tests while, in parallel, students can enroll in any of the courses and attend our classes, tutorials and questionnaires.

To do this, at BrainCert we not only have the possibility to publish content and impart it, but also access different tools to design it to our liking: we have a virtual class with high definition video and audio support, drawing and creation tools of equations, service to upload presentations and create surveys and also the possibility of screen sharing and recording the lesson.

If we are students and what we want is to browse the content of the web a little, we will have three sections, one to find courses, another to find tests and another to find tutorials. In the first we will see a wide catalog of courses starting with the most popular, although we can search for them by keyword, category and level. In the tests section we will find very varied results (IQ tests, programming languages, etc.) and finally we will be able to access short tutorials in the form of a document, video or short, concise presentation on a multitude of topics.