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Brainbox, web of puzzles and logic games to keep the mind in shape


The BrainBoxGames team writes us to present their new website in Spanish, a page where we can access different games of logic and skill as well as solve problems or illusions.

In the Games section we will be able to visit a good gallery of games and riddles, both situations that we will have to solve and text-riddles in which we will have to introduce the answer. In Illusions we can access a good gallery of surprising tricks that will deceive our sight, in Problems we will have certain situations to solve that will imply that we have to do some calculations and, in case we run into any of the riddles exposed, we will be able to consult the solution in Blog or click on the Track button that appears in many of the entries.

In case we ourselves are a natural database to create or share riddles, we have a section in which we can propose any type of content that can potentially be published on the website.

The truth is that it is a good website for those moments when we find ourselves with nothing to do and, more than resting, we want to give the coconut a little to keep our mental speed in shape. The web for now presents its only version in Spanish, but we will be able to enjoy it in English in the future.