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Brace Launches Hosting Service for Static Websites


If we want to design a minimally complex website, with multiple user functions, fixed content and manual administration, nowadays it is enough to create a static website with very advanced options, thanks to what languages ​​such as HTML5 or Javascript offer us. So designed for static websites, Brace is a new service that will be launched to the public officially next week that will offer us a Dropbox-based hosting that is very easy to manage.

We read in TC that Cole Krumbholz, co-founder of Brace, explains that the service is especially aimed at those web designers who want to open a public website without having to worry about managing and configuring servers: through Brace this process will be especially simple , because you simply have to upload the files to a special folder in Dropbox so that Brace synchronizes it on your server.

More functions that can make us think of Brace to be able to store our websites in it is that it distinguishes between production and development servers, so that the files we upload will be synchronized with the development server so that we can continue working on it. site without risk of the website falling or encountering problems. Additionally, we will be able to select custom URLs and in the long run the team also intends to implement more features aimed at collaborative work.

If you’ve caught your eye, Brace offers a prototype plan for $ 2.99 per month with a limit of 1,000 visits on the site, and a personal plan of $ 12.99 per month with unlimited websites and domains.