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Box presents the new version of its desktop tool, Sync 4

Box Sync 4

Thanks to file storage services over the Internet, users can have copies of our own files and complete file directories always updated and available to access them from any device with Internet access. But also, we have better and better tools that the companies of these services provide us, being good proof of this the new version that Box has just announced, Box Sync 4, which has improvements at both user and level of application taking advantage of the rewriting from scratch performed.

At the user level we find the possibility of being able to also select subfolders, make modifications to our files without having to download them first and upload them later, have individual files in the root directory in Box without having to first create directories, share Local files and directories quickly with a simple click, automatic updates for the application itself, and also notifications for those files that could not be synchronized, offering a list of details.

At the program level, it is now faster to synchronize, more scalable, it allows special characters in file names and long file paths of more than 256 characters, it makes it easier to send logs to the support team in case of problems, and it has a Installer for deployment in companies.

Box Sync 4 is available for both Windows and Mac OS X through this link.