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Box prepares to conquer the world, and already has 100 million dollars more to achieve it


The file storage service you don’t want to be left behind watching how Dropbox, MEGA, Sync, MediaFire and other giants are taking over this category.

They comment on their blog that they have already achieved alliances with large telecommunications companies from various parts of the planet, highlighting their associations in Japan, Australia, Europe and Latin America, with names such as Telefnica, Itochu Technology Ventures, Macnica, Mitsui and Telstra.

They have raised an additional $ 100 million to invest in projects related to their expansion in these markets. Box is currently in 13 different languages ​​and 40% of the activity is carried out outside the United States, numbers that will surely increase in the coming months.

Although they show a lot of interest in the Latin American and European market, it seems that their main objective in 2014 will be Japan, a country that is already experiencing enormous growth in the adoption of cloud solutions (such as and Google Apps).

Box does not have a file sync system like Dropbox’s, but it does allow for document editing and querying in the cloud, it allows file management from mobile devices, and it is pretty quick at updating content as well as offering good tools for teamwork, which is why they already have more than 180,000 companies as clients.