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Box launches Notes, to work with group documents

box notes

Until now Box It has limited itself to offering a file storage service similar to that of Dropbox, without wanting to compete with Google Docs. And I say so far because a few minutes ago they announced Box notes, a new way of working in a group on the same document saved in your cloud, a series of functions that allow you to comment on specific sections of files to increase productivity and ensure that there are no blind spaces in our work.

They comment on their blog the importance of having the miniatures of the collaborators present in the document menu, indicating at all times who is commenting and what part is being consulted, leaving a record of all the history, managing the versions of the changes made.

The toolbar that appears in documents is displayed only when a collaboration-focused action is detected. When selecting a paragraph, for example, we see the new options for sharing or commenting on the text, not before, so that a clean environment is always maintained, with no more visible options than are strictly necessary.

They are also working on facilitating the possibility of sharing the notes, or keeping them private, depending on the collaborators who have access to the same document.

Box notes It is currently in beta mode, they are still developing mobile versions and compatibility with more types of documents, but we can already include our email to participate in the tests on

In this video you can see a summary of everything it offers: