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Bose accused of spying on everything you hear with her headphones

Bose accused of spying on everything you hear with her headphones

Bose accused of spying on everything you hear with her headphones

A lawsuit in the US accuses Bose of selling headphones that listen to us, record and sell everything we hear.

Headphones are synonymous with privacy; We put them on when we want to disconnect from the outside world and to be sure that nobody hears what we are hearing. But if you wear Bose headphones, this may not be entirely true.

At least according to the lawsuit of a US citizen in Chicago; the culprit will be none other than the Bose Connect program, which the company recommends to its users when they buy headphones.

Bose accused of headsets that scare us

The plaintiff tells how he bought a Bose QuietComfort 35 headset for $ 350; As was the recommendation, he installed the Bose Connect app, for which he had to give an email address, his name and the serial number of the headphones.

In theory Bose Connect is an app that powers our headphones, allowing us to use extra functions; for example, the ability to share sound with other headphones, update firmware, and use multiple devices.

However, what the plaintiff discovered is that the app did much more than that. Bose Connect collected all the information from the media files on your device and sent it to third parties; specifically, one of the companies that receives this information is, which specializes in collecting user data for analysis.

Why what Bose supposedly does is not surprising

As usually happens every time there is a similar scandal, most users are divided into two; those who are scandalized and those who believe that it is not so bad.

On the one hand, the plaintiff considers that Bose has violated his privacy because multimedia files can be used to obtain a lot of information about you; not only his musical tastes, but also behavior, personal identity, and even political ideology.

However, it is no less true that most music streaming apps do the exact same thing; These data are useful to better understand what a user is looking for and offer it to them, whether in the form of advertising or new services.

Should you stop using Bose headphones? That depends on how jealous you are of your privacy; but if you are, you better start reading all the terms of use of the programs you use.