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Bordergames – the collaborative, open and multicultural video game

Bordergames - the collaborative, open and multicultural video game

Bordergames is a collaborative art project proposed by the Worker Lunch Box which is based on a network built from a series of workshops, an editor and free and free video game engine designed with open source, which allow young people to collectively build a video game from their immediate experience with the environment where they live.

The objective is to network the multiple frontiers of daily life in cities and other environments through a working tool that is close and attractive to today’s young women, such as video games.

The Bordergames project involves a transdisciplinary work between:

– Critical pedagogy from dialogic learning and collaborative work.

– Education with ICT through work with free software, music, weblogs and image editing work, and creative 3d design.

– Research work and participatory action by working in a network with different groups.

Currently the software works only on Windows platforms, but in the future they plan to produce other versions for Linux, and for Mac.

Young people from Madrid, Berlin, Girona, Rif or So Paulo are already collaborating in Border games and many videos of the process of creating their games can be viewed on the project website.

Link: BorderGames