javascript contador Saltar al contenido allows you to search, listen and share music from a series of services


The existence of multiple platforms on the Internet to listen to musical themes implies that if we want to share a specific musical theme with any of our friends, they must have user accounts in the same service that we are using. It is also possible that in our locations, certain services may not be available, so we will be left wanting to listen to the musical themes it offers, as TNW shows. The same thing happens that the musical theme that we want specifically does not have it in our favorite musical service.

To solve these problems, a new startup called has just come out that uses services such as Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, SoundCloud and YouTube as sources, with the idea that users can listen to any musical theme, using any service and using it. share with any of our friends, even if they use other different services, that is the idea.

To do this, we just have to access the service using our Facebook account, and start using the search engine to find the topics that interest us, being able to create our playlists on them. The songs we are listening to can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or embedded in blogs, even if we are interested in these songs, we can buy them through a series of online stores that have them available

In this way, we will no longer have problems when listening to music and sharing them with our friends.