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Blomming presents its API so that we can make store applications


Blomming It is a well-known platform that we can use to create stores on the Internet without the need for programming knowledge. We have mentioned it to you on some occasions as one of the simplest and most practical ways to carry out this type of task, always aimed at those who do not program, although today the objective of the news is precisely to reach the developer community.

This is the launch of its API, which allows creating web and mobile applications that integrate with Blomming to display data or operate as a specific store. This means that a developer can offer a Blomming store an application to manage it from Android, for example, or make an external platform that helps Blomming customers optimize their stores.

The technical details, which were presented at the Better Software event, can be found on their blog, where they indicate that in order to access their API it will be necessary to contact them specifying the use to be made of them.

[…] provides REST APIs in JSON format accessible to clients through OAuth 2.0 based authentication […] We will be able to recover the data of products and users of Blomming and carry out transactions on behalf of any Store (add or modify products, order management, payment systems, shipping costs, etc.).

It will be necessary to think first about the solution you want to carry out and then present the idea to the Blomming team and thus gain access to this new option, remembering that it is possible to create a store with other products and earn money with a commission.