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Block Windows 10 updates with this utility

Block Windows 10 updates with this utility

Block Windows 10 updates with this utility

Windows 10 Update Switch is a portable program that allows block or limit Windows updates in the simplest way.

Windows updates allow us to always have our team with the latest news, solutions to errors and other bugs, however we have also suffered them on occasion when the computer takes long minutes updating and preventing us from working.

Let’s also remember that, in the case of some versions of Windows 10, users no longer have the control over updates And these are mandatory, and can be postponed for a few hours at most. Windows 10 Update Switch comes to the rescue.

Windows 10 Update Switch: Blocks Windows 10 updates


We have seen on other occasions how block Windows updates, but in many cases it is required to touch parameters of the system registry and of course, less advanced users prefer not to touch where they should not.

Windows 10 Update Switch It is a free program that we find in Ghacks and that simplifies this task with a double function: turning off Windows 10 updates (being able to turn them back on at any time, of course) and also establishing some limitations to specify the type of connection in which allow updates as well as the bandwidth that they can use.

The program is totally free and can be downloaded from the following link on its official website. It is available both in version to install, as portable (so you can put it in a USB memory and always have it at hand).

Download utility to block W10 updates

Ready for the Windows 10 Creators Update?

Recall that just a few weeks ago Microsoft announced the next major Windows 10 update. Creators Update and introduce many new features in the operating system, but above all, immersive content such as augmented reality and work with 3D elements make more sense.

Here we talk about this update that is expected for the month of March 2017: