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BlackBerry to open autonomous car unit


A few days ago we told you that BlackBerry cedes the rights to its brand to a Chinese company, TLD, although only for the manufacture of mobile phones, since the Canadian company will continue to develop software and services.

Now the company news continues, and this time related to the world of autonomous cars.

BlackBerry to open an autonomous driving research center during the next few hours. They comment on Reuters that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be present at the inauguration, although many details are not yet known about the type of investigation that will be carried out in said center.

One of the objectives is to create integrated software with the enormous amount of sensors, cameras and other components necessary for a car to move automatically. It will have to compete with the software being developed in Silicon Valley, with companies that have invested heavily in AI and machine learning that requires autonomy, but BlackBerry is confident in its ability in the software world.

This new center will provide the necessary infrastructure to build high-level algorithms and obtain sensor data in a reliable way, and they have already received the necessary permits to test Ford vehicles with autonomous characteristics on public roads in Ontario, so it will be necessary to to be attentive to the news that the company is presenting in this new and promising sector.