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BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Now Available

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Now Available

A RIM press release announces that BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is available today. A launch that arrives a few days later than expected, since in November they had promised that it would see the light in March.

This new RIM service is exclusively for the business world, as it aims to allow the administration of different devices from a web-based interface.

Compatible devices include BlackBerry 7 (0 previous versions), BlackBerry PlayBooks and opening up to other platforms, it also integrates smartphones and tablets that run on iOS and Android.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows administrators to have a platform that allows them to activate devices, configure profiles, grant permissions, block or delete information (in case of theft or loss of the device), in a simple, secure and organized way, between other functions, all remotely.

The software can be downloaded for free and the final cost depends on the number of devices that you want to manage. But before deciding on this investment, you can opt for a pilot test where for 60 days you can test the service for free.

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