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BizTweet, for airlines to use Twitter communication channels


We discovered a new example of the vast uses that we can apply to the social network Twitter, called BizTweet, a website that in this case will allow us to receive updated states with precise information on travel and airlines so that the user can easily and directly access information on flight times, takeoffs, delays, terminals and everything that is relevant to the trip.

The information we receive will be extracted from reliable databases, and includes extra entries that we may need in the process of traveling such as info about car rentals or nearby hotels. To take a look at the service, you can access the Twitter account that shows how BizTweet works, @FlightStatus, where users can send messages and receive automatic updates, or they can simply receive quick help on simple questions without having to contact with specific services or going to specific places within the airport.

If we browse the web a bit, we will realize that, although the main functionality of the service is focused on giving information related to airlines, we can also get last minute information about hotels and restaurants and interact with customer service. and communities related to said services and / or establishments.

As we have already commented, another example of the scope of social networks in which it is shown that they can be useful applied to a huge number of sectors.