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Bizpora, to coordinate interesting meetings on our business trips


If we want to take advantage of our work trips to meet people related to our profession or coordinate meetings with other professionals, we can take Bizpora into account.

Bizpora is defined as a community of business travelers, which helps us connect with other users with professional profiles. The idea is very simple, we just have to announce our trip, indicating the place and date of our stay, as well as the expectations of our meeting. For example, we can indicate that we want to talk with new entrepreneurs.

To do this, we only have to log in with our LinkedIn account and it is automatically published in the Bizpora community, in addition to disseminating it through the social networks we participate in. From there we can see what connections we can create for our next business trip.

We can also use the community search engine to see who has already taken a trip to our same destination or meet Bizpora users who are local in that place. If we want to contact them we can send them a direct message from their profile or respond to any of their publications in a public or private way.

We will notice that a timeline is created in each profile as publications are shared, so we can take a look to see if we agree on a location. Bizpora’s proposal is more than interesting that it can lead to productive interaction and new professional contacts.