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BitTorrent Live, live streaming comes through P2P

BitTorrent Live, live streaming comes through P2P

BitTorrent Live, live streaming comes through P2P

The new BitTorrent application allows us to stream via P2P, but what advantages does it have compared to other similar apps?

BitTorrent Inc., the company behind uTorrent and the main proponent of the torrent protocol, is obsessed with us using P2P for everything, not just to download files.

In fact, it almost seems like a personal crusade they have, and in recent years we have seen all kinds of programs that use torrent, from instant messaging to saving files in the cloud; unfortunately, none have been very successful and this is being noticed in the company’s coffers.

The advantages of P2P streaming over traditional apps

With the definitive version of BitTorrent Live (after a few years in beta), its creators hope that, this time, we will realize the wonders of P2P. It does joining the trend of live streaming apps, of which so many have emerged in recent months that, honestly, we have lost count.

Unfortunately, all those apps have something in common: depend on central servers that are responsible for connecting all users to streaming. This means that, if the live is very successful, it is possible that the large influx of users will end up reducing the quality of the video, or worse, knocking down the servers and ending the live.

This is a problem suffered by even the best. Yesterday, US President Barack Obama was going to offer a live interview on Facebook Live, but he brought together so many users that Facebook’s servers couldn’t stand it and the interview had to jump to YouTube.

Instead, BitTorrent Live will never suffer from those congestion issues, at least in theory. Instead of depending on a central server, the app uses the P2P protocol so that all users who connect to streaming share the video they have downloaded with the rest. Therefore, the more users connect to streaming, the fewer cuts it will have and it will be possible to broadcast with better video quality.

In addition to the small channels, BitTorrent Live offer access to various thematic channels boxing and MMA, independent cinema, live clubbing and documentaries. Some of these channels are free, while others will need a premium subscription or show ads, although what they will be and what the fee will be have not yet been announced.

This is a very important moment for BitTorrent Inc, whose economic problems are known worldwide, mainly for focusing on too many projects at the same time; but BitTorrent Live can finally be good news for the company if it gets establish itself as an alternative means of streaming compared to other more popular platforms. The worst thing is that surely they will never get the support of large producers or streamers.

BitTorrent Live will be available this week on Apple TV, and for iOS and Android next month.