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BitTorrent Live is now available for iPhone and iPad


BitTorrent Live It is the online TV of the famous Bittorrent, although at the moment it has a very limited amount of content, with new channels, that is, added every day.

Bittorrent is famous for the use of P2P technology, this is how its file search engine manages to download large files in a short time: there is no central server, all the people who use the search engine are transmitting content to other people, so there is a network of downloaders and uploaders that collaborate in always keeping the videos available.

His online TV project has been available for months on other platforms, such as Fire TV, Apple TV and macOS, and uses the P2P philosophy in some of them, but it is not clear whether in the iOS version, already available on iTunes, the Content is broadcast at the same time as it is received, as that feature could destroy any neighbor's data plan.

In May they announced the initial list of channels in an already deleted article, as they recall in The Verge, although the list has grown in recent months. Let's hope now that they are betting on including material in other languages, always guaranteeing the streaming speed expected from Bittorrent technology.