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Bitcoins Transaction Global Tracking Maps


The virtual currency p2p Bitcoin makes more and more headlines in the media, which indicates that it is known and used by more and more users around the world. If we want to know the diffusion and use that this currency is having, we can use some of these three map services that Googlemaps Mana has just offered, allowing the first two to see in real time the transactions that are happening around the world, and The third allows us to know the locations of the establishments in the world that allow making payments through Bitcoins.

The first two services are CoinStream and Fiatleak, where both allow us to see on a map the Bitcoins transactions that are taking place around the world in real time. Specifically at CoinStream we have a Google Maps map and a list of filters that allow us to adjust values, rates, inputs, outputs, results and locations. On each of the markers that we see on the map, we can place ourselves on it to know the value of the transaction made.

Regarding Fiatleak, apart from the poor graphic quality of the web and the map, we can observe in real time the transactions in relation to the exchange of Bitcoins currencies around the world. Bitcoins value is shown in green and the last exchange rate of the currency is shown in purple. The red color value represents the number of transactions made with Bitcoins in a specific country.

Finally, we go to BitcoinMaps, which as we have said before, is a map where we can see the establishments around the world that accept payments in Bitcoins. Those establishments that wish to appear on this map have a registration form. Users, for their part, will be able to see the details of each establishment they find, with whom they can contact.

So with these three map-based tools we already have a place to start to know how Bitcoins transactions flow around the world.