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Bitcasa presents API and developer program


If you want to integrate some cloud file storage service into your application, it’s a good time to take a look at the developer program that just announced Bitcasa at

In the program they announce the launch of their API, which will be available at the beginning of the next year, as they comment on TNW, offering the following functionalities:

Storage: A secure storage space compatible with any device to allow you to organize, share and discover personal content.Security: A security system based on blocks encrypted with AES-256.Access and sharing: Any uploaded content is immediately available on all devices without synchronization.Instant streaming: Optimized for streaming, as it allows any content to be streamed without first downloading.Availability: The SDK will be available for Java, Python, PHP, Ruby and NET.

Since its birth Bitcasa has been trying to find a space among the list of the main file storage services that exists on the Internet today. Due to various problems, mainly related to the speed of the service, it has not managed to sink in as it was thought, although if you now change the focus and start offering a simple, safe and fast storage system for developers, you will surely be able to get on the track again, since many applications would rather use a fully configured cloud than develop their own.