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Bing Maps for Windows 8.1, in 3D and high resolution

bing maps

A preview of the Microsoft Maps application for Windows 8.1, available at, is now available for free use.

They present it on the bing blog with several screenshots showing the quality of some of the scenarios present, a first step in a new way of exploring the world, as they announce themselves.

They are showing, in this first version, images of more than 70 cities around the world so that we can get an idea of ​​what they are preparing in the future. We can dive into Superman, being compatible with any device that uses Windows 8.1 (including touch and desktop devices), taking advantage of Windows resources, such as Snapview, Windows notification and live tiles.

About him how was it done, they comment:

We have brought together developers from around the world of the video game industry, expert photogrammetrists, high definition images from air cameras and a petabyte of image data to offer a more natural way to experience our planet. With Windows advancements in computing hardware and our ability to capture, we have processed over 121 trillion pixels to date in order to build our 3D environment.

Here you can see a video showing the news of this application, in which we can find from the street level view to a search system integrated in the maps: