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Bing integrates educational themes, app downloads, and more into its search results


Bing continues to work to improve the user experience, highlighting those results that are relevant to their search. Now you have gone one step further, integrating a number of new features into the results in your featured or snapshot views.

For example, we can get relevant information from different major universities just by searching for their name. Among the data that will appear on the card we will find if you have proposals in online courses, what is your ranking in relation to other institutions, among other details.

TED Talks will also be included in these results, as part of the information that you can throw at a person. For example, when looking for Bill Gates, he will show us, in addition to his personal data and biography, the talks in which he has participated. If we are doing some school work and we want, for example, to have more information about the theory of relativity, we just have to enter the query to get a preview of the relevant material available.

The same concept has been followed with famous speeches and hymns, giving the possibility to listen to their audios directly from the results. Or if, on the other hand, we need to go through some historical event, we just have to follow the same dynamic so that it gives us all the necessary data to see the event in its context.

And if what we are looking for is to download an application or software we will also find an interesting novelty, since it will also have its prominent place with a summary of its usefulness and trusted sources to download.