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Bing for mobiles with news in design and data synchronization


A new Microsoft announcement warns us of the launch of a new version of the Bing mobile application for Android and iOS with some interesting news, where part of them can enter through the eyes. And it is that the mobile application of Bing for both platforms launches a new design, being this clearer and simpler, especially for users of iOS 7.

But where Microsoft puts the focus of the news is on the possibility of using a daily image of Bing as a wallpaper on the terminals themselves, where in the case of Android you just have to press the button in the middle of the keypad located At the bottom of the screen of the application, although in the case of iOS, it is necessary to follow a series of additional steps, which somewhat complicates this possibility, the steps of which are discussed in the announcement itself.

But in addition to the new design and the possibility of using the Bing image as the background image, this new version allows users of both platforms to synchronize the markers and the images saved in the application.

In addition to all these novelties, in the Android version corrections are made both in its function of zooming through the screen as well as the elimination of those problems that cause some crashes, and in the case of iOS, the updated application corresponds to iPad devices, where in addition to what has been commented for iOS, it also allows you to share the results found on Facebook, Twitter and other means, earn Bing credits for the web searches made, the maps in the search results are improved, the Bing’s logo and color palette, and it also has a gift finder, the Gift Finder.

Despite the fact that the announcement was made today, the application has already been available for both platforms for both platforms for both Android devices and iOS tablets, with the new version of iOS still missing for iPhone devices.