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Bigopo, the social network that unites companies and new talents

Bigopo, the social network that unites companies and new talents

Although the concept of social network today is closely related to chatting, relating and socializing (as the concept already indicates) with friends and acquaintances, many networks have made it clear to us that this is not their only purpose. Another example of this case comes to us with Bigopo, in this case a social network that aims to give a chance for talented people to show themselves to the world and companies to promote it, also benefiting.

By registering in Bigopo, the user accesses all the tools available in it that they may need to promote themselves: product sales channels, direct contact with companies, business promotion … any area of ​​culture is valid on the social network, since that there are different sections (cinema, music, theater, fashion, art, etc.) in which a user can search for opportunities.

A section or event called Premium Opportunity stands out on the website, a contest generated within Bigopo in which the user participates in a proposal made by a medium or brand that may consist of uploading an audio track, a fashion design, or any other challenge. If your design or whatever is successful, the user receives the award that has been agreed with the brand (resulting from these Premium Opportunities lately have been, for example, the recording of a disc by the Barcelona group The Last Resource with contract by a producer included or opening act for MELOCOS in Madrid, whose winner was the solo singer Novana).

To access the Premium Opportunities and all the tools that the network offers, just sign up and start trying your luck.

Link: Bigopo