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Beware, the Tax SMS about a tax refund is a scam

Beware, the Tax SMS about a tax refund is a scam

Beware, the Tax SMS about a tax refund is a scam

Be careful, the National Police alert of new attempts to fraud taking advantage of the declaration campaign of the Rent.

In a few weeks the Income Statement 2016, will be from April 5, 2017, and the Spanish National Police is warning of the existence of messages Fraudulent SMS in which they pose as the Treasury.

These SMS arephishingmanual, that is, identity theft to make us believe that the sender is an official source of the Public Treasury. These messages report an alleged tax refund pending to attract the attention of the unwary,

The message includes a link that will take us to a website with a design very similar to that of the Ministry of Finance, but obviously it is a hoax. There, in order to make the tax refund effective, the page requests the user’s personal data as well as bank details. Of course, don’t even think about following the steps if you receive this SMS.

What to do before this type of scams?

It is not the first time, nor will it be the last time a phishing attempt. Luckily, the population is learning more about these types of scam methods and is much more reticent, however, unfortunately, there are always those who fall into the trap of criminals.

A few weeks ago we saw a similar case in which they pretended to be Netflix to report problems in the monthly payment, asking for access credentials in order to also steal the accounts of the users.

The most basic and most effective advice when dealing with these types of messages is to mistrust of those official communications that come from unknown sources, especially if what they are asking you for is datasensitive.When in doubt, it costs nothing to contact the official entity directly and ask.

Similarly, check that you are in a HTTPS secure page and your connection and the data you enter in it cannot be intercepted.