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Beware … Malware in tweets about Christmas themes


I am informed by PandaLabs, Panda Security’s antimalware laboratory, that cybercriminals are taking advantage of Twitter to spread their programs using Christmas themes as a hook.

As if it were a Black Hat SEO attack, hackers are using the hottest topics of the moment, trending topics, to position their malware distribution campaigns. Due to the dates we are in, Christmas motifs, such as Advent calendar, Hanukkah or the popular Grinch character, are the first baits used by hackers to get the user infected.

Thousands of tweets try to attract visits to supposed videos. When accessing the link, the website asks to install extensions necessary to view the material, misleading the user, since they are not extensions and programs that can threaten the security of the information.

By clicking on the link, a page of fake codecs tries to infect the system by taking advantage of a vulnerability in PDF files, in addition to trying to trick the user by asking him to download a supposed codec that is really a downloader-type Trojan, which will download more malware on the compromised computer.

In addition to terms related to the Christmas season, cybercriminals are using other current topics to spread their creations, such as the Sundance festival, the campaign against AIDS, the Carling Cup or tweets related to the actor Morgan Freeman.

You always have to be vigilant, and when they try to take advantage of hot topics, we must increase our concentration so as not to fall into the trap …