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Between a lead and the ZMOT victory


A few years ago, Google published an e-book in which it consisted of what they called ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth), in its translation The Zero Moment of Truth. In it, they revolutionized the business world based on a main reflection:

One of the most decisive moments in the purchase decision of a potential client is that in which the need is detected, and much of the final decision will be defined by the inputs received in this initial period.

This approach departed from the principles on which marketing in general was founded, focusing in most cases on winning the customer in the shopping experience (FMOT: First Moment Of Truth, a term created by Procter & Gamble in 2005) and subsequent use (SMOT: Second Moment Of Truth).

The reality is that the consumer profile had already changed by the time Google published its book, but giving the concept of the ZMOT its name and literature got that extra impact and repercussion to meditate on and, subsequently, act accordingly.

Conventional advertising loses impact because of the trust that other non-commercial channels could offer

What was previously the recommendation of a neighbor or the baker, now became the blog article or comment in a forum of a stranger. Before it was a phone call, now a question on Facebook or Twitter. The method has changed but, above all, the impact it has now on the consumer when making purchasing decisions.

What exactly is the ZMOT?

Let’s take the example in which in the middle of this article my laptop breaks down and, therefore, a new need awakens: Buy a new one to finish writing it.

I had not considered the option of buying a laptop until now and the first thing I do is open Google and inform me. Surely access websites and companies that offer all kinds of computers with different benefits. My purchasing decision process is still in a very immature phase, since my old laptop was a few years old and the current technology has nothing to do with then, I am out of date and need to upgrade.

In this first stage I will form a global opinion of the situation on specialized websites and blogs to unconsciously discard brands or models that do not fit what I am looking for. Here there will already be some companies that have lost the battle of the zero moment of truth, since in my subsequent searches I already filter my preferences to focus on those that have passed this first screen.

What happens if a company gets my lead in this period?

Basically, you will earn a lot if you know how to treat it and respond appropriately to the trust I have given you by providing my basic contact details. Knowing my decision-making status, you will have the possibility to offer me quality and relevant content with which to complement my personal searches. This lead is what we call cold lead, since the time of purchase is still far away. And this strategy is part of a whole complex and global Inbound Marketing process.

Returning to my decision process and having focused my efforts on a certain type of laptop, it is time to compare opinions. Go to look for reviews, reports, comparisons and opinions on the internet and, at the same time, ask my contacts on social networks if they have any preference or experience in this regard.

Closing the circle, we realize that these opinions are built on the basis of the SMOT (Second Moment of Truth) that I commented at the beginning of the article, because they talk about the experience of use, and that they will be the basis of the configuration of my ZMOT

Today we all trust our former high school classmate more than an advertisement in the media, so I take good note of these experiences and references when it comes to continuing to opt for any of the options that I consider.

The purchase process will be more or less long in time depending on the type of product and, often, the price it has. Buying a laptop greatly affects our monthly spending forecast, so we will make sure that the decision we make is the best one. For this we will invest a week (or even months depending on the urgency) to model and define it.

Throughout my purchasing process, there has been a company that has sent me emails with comments from forums about the laptops that interested me, that has invited me to a laptop exhibition, has offered to call me for advice and, in addition, has promised a discount for subsequent purchases derived from this laptop (sound equipment, accessories) This company is one of those that obtained my lead at the time I started looking for information and that, unlike the others, I personalized the message and information based on my preferences. As a result, she was the only one who didn’t send her emails to the trash after a quick glance.

A winning Inbound Marketing strategy that managed to turn my lead into an opportunity to position itself in the ZMOT and take the victory

Whether or not I succeed will depend on many other factors such as those I have been commenting on in these lines, but what is undeniable is that I went all the way with the possibility of positioning myself as the winning bet and converting my former lead into a client.

I have finally satisfied my need and purchased my new laptop to complete this article. I hope you found it interesting and it helps you to focus your online marketing strategies, especially those who meditis implement an Inbound Marketing strategy for your company, SME or local business. For each type of business, well adjusted and personalized, it can make you earn many ZMOTs and thereby report a lot of income that, otherwise, do not kid yourself, they will go directly to your competition.

Can you imagine who I have opted for?

Author: Roger Llorens, graduated in Business Administration and Management from the UAB, completing his studies at Linnaeus University in Sweden. Specialized in Online Marketing since 2008 and works corporate and communicative online strategy for various companies and startups.