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BetRocket, sports betting with dummy currency and prizes


BetRocket is a web application, with a mobile version on the way, that offers a fictitious currency sports betting system where users can participate in tournaments without prizes for free or in tournaments with prizes by carrying out advertising actions for third parties or payment by participation .

With tournaments, the people with the highest profitability of their bets win the virtual Rc coins (RocketCoins) with which they can exchange for gifts such as PlayStation 4 consoles, Televisions, Gift Cards, etc …

The project was created in Valencia by 3 young people. The idea was born in the StartupBus Europe 2012 by one of the participants in December 2012, in February 2013 they participated in the ISC 2013 (Internet Startup Camp Valencia) as an accelerator where in just 1 month they had a viable MVP. The official launch was on June 16 of this year.

About the business model they tell us:

[…] We obtain benefits when users perform different premium actions on the platform to get our virtual currency with a tool called SuperSonic Ads, however we intend to exploit our strength, with sports betting tournaments, offering all users their own sports betting tournaments, with your friends, colleagues and associations as well as a small subscription model soon.

Those responsible for the project are Carlos Beneyto, web designer and developer, Mario Barreiro, web developer with more than 10 years of experience and Joan lvarez, financial director, in charge of the design and development of the business. They are already working on the Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions, in personalized and private tournaments and in sponsored tournaments, so that brands can make an impact in a social betting and betting game.