javascript contador Saltar al contenido, syncing text and links between devices

Having many devices with Internet access we like and allows us complete access to information anytime, anywhere. The problem with this is the scattered storage of the info that we access, as there may come a time when we have different notes distributed between mobile, tablet and pc and different links stored in each other.

It is interesting in these cases to devise how to synchronize all the files, links, notes and contacts that we have in the different devices, which we can do in different ways. One of the options for synchronizing text and links using the cloud is, an app and browser extension that allows us to save simple pieces of information by synchronizing them through the cloud.

In this way, we can send links and text from device to device, since everything we enter in any of them will be instantly available in the other devices. It will also be possible to share information with contacts easily, without the need to send e-mails or URLs since everything we share will be sent directly to the recipient’s devices.

We leave you here the links to the different versions of available for iOS in iTunes, in Google Play for Android, and in the form of an extension for Firefox and Google Chrome downloadable from the same website.