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Beeline, a device for bikes that indicates the direction and distance to our destination

mayo 23, 2020

If you use the bike as a regular means of transportation, you will be aware of the stress that can be caused by traveling to a place that we have not previously gone to. Although it is possible to dock our smartphone to the bike to use any navigation application, it is quite an annoying process. For this reason we have found it interesting to highlight the potential of Beeline, an intelligent compass that will be very useful to all those who move around on a bicycle.

As you can see in the video that we show you at the end of the article, instead of showing a prescribed route Beeline is limited to showing us a arrow with the direction we must follow and the distance we have left to travel. In other words, Beeline does not oblige us to follow a specific route, so we can decide the path we want to go: we only have to pay attention to the date to know when we should turn.

As for its operation, it is very simple and intuitive. To indicate the destination we are going to, you just have to use the Beeline application for iOS or Android and in a matter of seconds the address will be displayed on the screen. In addition, Beeline has a battery capable of offering autonomy of up to 30 hours on a single charge. And not only that, since The device is waterproof and shock resistant.

Without a doubt, it is a most interesting product. Available in multiple colors, Beeline retails for £ 99. Finally, we took the opportunity to mention that the device was successfully financed on Kickstarter in 2015. Below we leave you with the Beeline presentation video:

Link: Beeline.