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Beats Music will launch its music streaming service in January 2014

Beats Music

The calendar for next year already has its first month marked for the launch of the new streaming music service, Beats Music, although its launch will be limited to the United States area, according to Ian Rogers in Fistfulayen, who encourages users to enter the page to reserve your user names.

In addition, he briefly comments that since he joined Beats Music in January of this year, he had hoped to have the service ready by the end of this year, although he added that fortunately he works with people who are patient and hope to have everything correct before its launch, for What taking stock, he concludes that they have achieved much more in this year than he had imagined. He also talks about the current state of the service, in an internal and private beta phase, where tests are being carried out with music lovers, with artists and influential people among them, so that they become familiar with the service and offer their comments, face to face. to establish the necessary improvements before its final launch.

Ian Rogers once again insists on its launch for the next month of January in the United States. Techcrunch adds more data indicating that Ian Rogers was CEO of Yahoo Music as well as who launched TopSin media in 2008, and about Beats Music indicates that the core of the service is formed by MOG, acquired by Beats in 2012.

Anyway, users can claim our user names, and the text that is offered to us when entering the service, where we are told that the next chapter of digital music arriving in our area soon could make us think that at any time, Beats Music could also go international, although for now they are focused on the United States.